Video: First Time in Paris

Video: First Time in Paris


Paris.  Is there any other city that can elicit visions of heart-stopping, magical, cinematic romance?  No.  Woody Allen didn’t direct Midnight in Milwaukee.  Humphrey Bogart couldn’t have told Ingrid Bergman, “We’ll always have Kabul.”  Carrie would not have left New York for Zurich. (Apologies to the aforementioned cities, it’s nothing personal.)  It is only Paris.  A city of faded beauty where the architecture of its buildings effortlessly come together as gracefully as the city’s women pair ensembles of black and navy.  A city that revels in the quiet, personal moments that can only be shared by two people madly in love.  This is a city that many dream of, and I was one of those dreamers.

Oh Hello Eiffel Tower

I present to you the visual snapshot of my first time in Paris.  When I shot this footage I intended only for my parents to see it, as the only downside to this trip was that they couldn’t come along with me.  But the footage eventually became a short video with the initial push from my friend, Milissa, and the editing expertise of my friend, Agrifino.  This is the first of many more like it, but this Paris video will always be the first, as it rightly should be.  Since this trip, I have been fortunate to return to France many times.  So now that the Paris dream has come true more than once over, it’s time to chase another one of my hundreds of other dreams and allow this one to live online to inspire the other Paris dreamers out there.

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  1. Melissa E. 4 years ago

    Love this! So fun and inspirational. More please!

    • Author
      Vanesa Rey 4 years ago

      Thanks Melissa! More travel videos are heading this way.

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